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The Static Minority Rotworld lyrics

Turn away, coz the world doesn't mean the world to you
Rather wait, and save when it's way, way, too late
Well what if I said, you'll be the death of us all
Would you turn away and say what you said yesterday

Coz it's far, far too late
The end is already coming, and no one will
Listen to me, coz the end of us all
Is second rate news nowadays

Not so far away, is an atmostphere in a deathly clutch
A heartless beast feeding on us all
Well please don't tell me, there's nothing to be afraid of
It's all around you, just open your f**kin eyes

(Repeat Chorus)

Please, please
Don't lie to yourself it'll tear you apart
Another shattered soul to walk the path
To make the rotworld, to make the rotword, to make the rotworld

(Repeat Chorus)

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